Jam Central is looking for sponsors !

This initiative is mainly based on voluntary work. But to set up such an event you can imagine that there are always certain parties that has to be paid. To pay the artist also a certain wage and to invite new artists in the future, we have decided that the income from the ticket sales are going to be used for this purpose. The rent of the theater, the equipment and personnel that help during the concert will be paid out of the sponsorship money .

If you are interested in supporting Jam Central then this does not have to cost that much. You can be a sponsor from ? 150 per concert, with a minimum of 6 concerts and this will give you the possibility to place a professional banner on a prominent place during the concert. The banner is created by an advertising agency for a reduced price. Besides the banner you will also get a clear statement on our website and two free tickets per concert! If you want to know more about sponsoring Jam Central please contact info@jamcentral.eu

We want to thank you in advance for your interest and contribution!

Jam Central