Scott Wilkie

Detroit native Scott Wilkie began crafting his jazz stylings in and around the Motor City in 1985 with his band called Separate Checks, and together they gained a name for themselves across the Midwest until their demise in 1991. From there, Wilkie stayed with music but opted for a change of scenery, moving to Southern California. His touring across the globe to exotic places in South America, Europe, and Asia proved quite fitting for his approach of composing solo material. Signed to Narada, a sister label to Virgin Records, Wilkie released Boundless in 1999. That same year, the National Association of Recording Merchants named Wilkie the Best Developing Jazz Artist for 1999. The praise did not stop there, for his second effort, More Than You Know (2000), was a favorite among jazz critics and Wilkie's musicianship vastly improved into the new millennium as he continued to play with his bandmates: percussionist Eddie Drayton, drummer David Durge, bassist Nathan Brown, and guitarist Matthew Van Doran. Wilkie returned in 2008 with the album Home Again: The Solo Piano Sessions. In 2013, Wilkie delivered the holiday-themed release The Wonder of Christmas.

1999 - Boundless 2000 - More than you know 2008 - Home Again: The Solo Piano Sessions 2013 - The Wonder of Christmas